("Site") has been created to provide information and education to its users about a not well understood issue of woman's health. With limited exception, as described in what follows, personal information is not collected from users of the Site. To help develop the design and layout of the Site and to continuously improve the user's experience on the Site, Site usage information, including traffic patterns, is collected. If the user's ISP address contains personal information, the information collected electronically and used for this purpose may be linked to the user. The Site also provides a "share" function that allows users who have a Facebook account or other social media accounts to provide others with a link to the Site through their account. Site users who share the link through their social media account(s) are responsible for compliance with the terms and conditions and policies that apply to their use of that account and acknowledge and agree that the disclosure is governed by that account's privacy policy. By sharing the link, users are disclosing personal information to every person who has or may have access to the pertinent part or parts of their social media account(s), by operation of that website and the law. Site users should be familiar with their social media account's privacy policy prior to using the share feature.

Aggregate, non-personal, statistical information regarding visitors to the Site and traffic patterns may be shared with other entities.

Any personal information collected as a result of the electronic collection of ISP addresses is not disclosed except where required by law, including under a lawful order of a court of competent jurisdiction, or in connection with a contemplated or actual reorganization of our business, financing, assignment, sale or other transaction involving the transfer or disposal of all or part of our business or assets, including for the purpose of permitting the parties to any such transaction to conduct the due diligence required to determine whether to proceed.

We may use external service providers ('Service Providers') to assist with the operation of the Site. Where personal information is required for the performance of their services, we will transfer to the Service Providers or otherwise permit them to access that information. We have contracts with the Service Providers that require them to protect personal information to the same degree that we do. contains links to other websites. We do not control the privacy practices of the operators of these websites and we recommend that users of these websites review the relevant privacy policies before using any of the linked website.

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